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Pokemon Emerald ROM [Latest Version Download]

Superior Gameplay Only The Pokemon Emerald ROM Can Provide

In recent years, we’ve seen a huge growth in the popularity of classic games. As you know, Pokemons are one of those games. Yes, there are new and improved versions, but most gamers still want old and original apps like ruba any sapphire or the pokemon emerald versiom. One of the most popular and the most advanced games of this kind is the Pokemon Emerald ROM. It is simply a stunning game, with the cool world and even better possibilities.

What is Pokemon Emerald ROM?

The game is set in the Hoenn world. This is a part of the Emerald region. The number of possibilities is simply endless. At the beginning, you will get one of the coolest Pokemons in the game, which we definitely prefer. Then, we have extra missions and extra tasks to complete. You should know that the first step is to download the game, which can be done here.

The download in question is a Pokemon Emerald ROM file, meaning that it requires separate installation techniques, which will be mentioned below.  It has been modified by our developers, in order to meet the expectations of more advanced and more demanding gamers.

The Pokemon Emerald ROM has small dimensions and it can be downloaded on slower internet connection. One of the additional reasons you should know is that our server supports this type of download, so it is more than recommended.

Pokemon Emeral ROM


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Installing the Pokemon Emerald ROM

The original game was developed for Nintendo Game Boy Advance. It was one of the most popular devices back in the time. However, it is simply too old and it is hard to find a decent one. As such, our developers developed the Pokemon Emerald ROM which can be played on your computer. This is actually possible and it is simpler than most people imagine.

The first thing you are going to need is the game boy emulator. It is a small software that is extremely simple to use and it has just one purpose, to run games of this kind. Don’t forget that there are different emulators for each OS. So, we have versions for Mac OS, Windows, and Linux.

After you have downloaded the  gba emulator and the Pokemon Emerald ROM, which can be done here, you will move to the next step. Open the game boy advance emulator and import the ROM you have just downloaded. There is no waiting time, and you will see the game loading immediately. Once you have done this, you are done!

There are several emulators, as we already mentioned, but some that should be mentioned are Game Boid and mGBA. Pokemon Emerald ROM doesn’t have any limitations when played over the emulator. There are no issues and the game is 100% stable, meaning that there won’t be any problem. The best part is the fact you can use the gba emulator to play other games. Just make sure the extension (the word after the name of the file such as “.exe”) is the same as in the Pokemon Emerald ROM. The procedure is completely the same and the emulator will work exactly the same, without a single difference.

Play the Pokemon Emerald ROM on your Android smartphone

Now you already know that this game is designed for a device that has some similarities with smartphones (in the design only). This is an advantage, simply because our developers were able to tweak the ROM and to allow you to play it on your smartphone.

The process of playing the game is actually the same, with one important change. You will have to download different emulators, specifically to your smartphone. Some we actually recommend are MyBoy, Game Boid and GBAoid. They work spotlessly and without a problem with all Android versions.

The best part is that the Pokemon Emerald ROM is actually the same! There are no differences in the code or in the size. Download Pokemon Emerald ROM by clicking the button below and discover Fortree City, Dewford town, Fallarbor town and Verdanturf town today! Other towns and places to explore: Littleroot town, Southern Island, Lavaridge town, the desert, Faraway Island, Handheld, Mirage Island, Altering Cave.

There are so much content in this Pokemon ROM that you will need a walktrough, or you have to watch playthrough videos on youtube.

Your file will be downloaded to your SD card, so look there and run it. Maybe you will have to activate the ‘’install from different sources’’.

Pokemon Emeral ROM

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Useful cheats, hacks, ROM hacks

The official game doesn’t support cheats nor anything similar. Luckily, our Pokemon Emerald ROM is cheating-friendly. All of the Game Shark cheats will work on our ROM file and emulator and all of them are safe to use.

The first cheat that should be mentioned is the No Random Battles. It will affect the gameplay and eliminate the risk of accidental battles while exploring the game. If you want to explore the game, and simply enjoy in it, without the fear that a Pokemon will attack you, this cheat is for you.

Next cheat will get you money, a lot. You will get the maximum amount of money which can be used for anything you prefer. This allows you to complete the simple missions and to make a huge advance in the game as soon as possible, without losing the time.

Try the game right now

The Pokemon Emerald ROM was one of the best selling game in it’s time. Now it’s your turn to catch the best / legendary pokemons (my favorite is Charizard) with your masterball. It has been improved countless times, according to the feedback obtained from the gamers. We even added some of the latest features and improved the gaming experience. All you will have to do isdownload the game and play it. There are no limitations, nor any issues that will affect the gameplay. The first and the main step is to download the game, which you can do here.

After that, prepare for many hours of fun and intuitive gaming experience while experiencing some of the most original and different games on the planet. There are millions who play the game every day. Join them, and become the biggest pokemon master, and catch them all.

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