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Pokemon Ruby ROM [Latest Version Download]

Pokemon Ruby ROMPokemon Emerald ROM

The Most Popular Pokemon ROM Ever: Pokemon Ruby ROM

The Pokemon Ruby ROM enjoys a huge popularity, even nowadays. It is definitely one of the most popular and the best ROMs ever developed and there is a simple reason for that. The secret is in the features it has to offer. They are not hugely sophisticated, but they are interesting in general. They also make the game more gamer-focused. Now is the time to see those features.

Main features of the Pokemon Ruby ROM

Pokemon Ruby ROM

As we said, there are no some huge differences and improvements of the game, but there are some interesting additions. First and foremost, the graphics and the gameplay are almost the same. This also applies to the soundtracks, dialogues and etc. But, there is something additional you should know.

Pokemon Ruby ROM is all about Ruby Norman, a young trainer who has just one goal, to become a Pokemon Master. You will lead him across the complicated and interesting world. You will have to teach him, help him discover his own limits and help him get what he really wants. Items in Poke Marts have an important role in the game and we recommend them to pay a special attention to them. They are probably the most important for gamers who want to reach higher levels and complete the game as soon as possible.

Mega Evolution is the main reason why the Pokemon Ruby ROM is so popular and so advanced. It is simply the smallest thing that has the biggest effect on the gameplay. Only 22 Pokemons will be able to use Mega Evolution. This feature makes them extremely strong, literally stronger than ever. As such, most gamers crave for this ROM and especially for the feature we just mentioned.

Team Magma is still present, just to know. Your goal will be to fight the, well one of your goals. We must mention that this isn’t as simple as it sounds, and it is definitely something that will occupy the most of your time.

If you are a real Pokemon fan, you will notice some tiny changes in the game graphics and gameplay. They are very small, but nevertheless, they are appealing and make the game look modern.

Playing the Pokemon Ruby ROM

Pokemon Ruby ROM3Pokemon Emerald ROM

Playing this ROM is possible on all, well-known emulators. It is also supported by Android smartphones and web browsers. The ROM file is less than 5 MB, so you won’t have any problems downloading it. A great addition is the fact a lot of players play the game right now, so you will become a member of a large community, which is still growing if you can believe.

Playing the game should be slow and careful, due to the main story of the gameplay. Yes, it is very interesting, but still, you will have to take your time and study the main point of the game.

This is definitely the best Pokemon Ruby ROM ever designed, specifically due to the main mission and the main goal of the game.