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Pokemon Sapphire ROM [Latest Version Download]

pokemon sapphire romPokemon Emerald ROM

Have You Tried The Pokemon Sapphire ROM?

Pokemon related games were and still are some of the most popular games ever. Why not? They are interesting, relaxing and they offer a huge thrill while playing. The Pokemon Sapphire version was released in 2003 and it had a lot of new things to offer. Luckily, now we have a Pokemon Sapphire ROM which also brings a lot of improvements and allows us to play the game on our PC.

Details about the Pokemon Sapphire ROM

pokemon sapphire rom

Pokemon Sapphire ROM is one of the most popular ROMs for PC ever developed. Even better, this ROM will work on Mac computers as well, but you will need a different emulator. There are a few upgrades that must be mentioned. Believe us, they have a huge effect on the game and make playing far better and more interesting than ever. Drawbacks? There are no any.

The first and therefore the most important addition this ROM has to offer are additional pokemons. In fact, you get the ability to play with 135 new pokemons. The total number here is 386, so it isn’t possible to find a pokemon suitable for your demands. Thanks to a better graphics, pokemons look more realistic and much better. Maybe you will have a hard time finding the one you like.

Hoenn is a completely new world that should be explored. It was introduced with the Pokemon Sapphire ROM and it got a lot of positive reviews. Interesting additions are new abilities, nature improvement, and contests. Double battles are available as well, meaning that playing time is even better and probably longer.

New Elite Four, Gym Leader, and evil teams are completely new as well. All players probably know what this means and they will want to play this game even more.

Playing Pokemon Sapphire ROM on different devices

pokemon sapphire rom

Usually, most players prefer playing games of this kind on their Windows PC. mGBA, VBA Link, and many other emulators are constantly available and they are stable versions, meaning that there won’t be bugs nor sudden restarts.

However, for Mac users, a different version of the mGBA emulator should be used. It shares the same characteristics and the same advantages. There is no need to say that it is a stable version as well. Emulator installation is slightly different than on a PC, but in general, all the features and controls are the same.

Playing the ROM on Android phones is possible as well. You will also need a different emulator, but other than that, all is the same. You will be able to experience all the benefits this ROM has to offer directly on your device. The best part is the fact even older smartphones can be used, due to low system requirement of the game.

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